Destination the Netherlands

Destination the Netherlands is a website to show you the broad spectrum of the Netherlands. Our beautifull country has a lot to offer on business oppurtunities, entertainment, sports, leisure, design, arts, lifestyle, landmarks to name some.

Whether you are going to visit Holland or just want to know more about it, this website is a fun and playfull way to learn more about it.

Missing some content or want to have a video just like that for your own business? Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

The contents of this website are all made by RODIN filmproductions.

RODIN filmproductions

RODIN filmproductions once started as a small producer of plays and short movies. With an occasional foray into television, the company has focussed on movies for internal and external business use since 1990.

Thus RODIN produces films to accompany annual reports, change programmes or trainings. A true partner in business, RODIN excels in translating (commercial) management information to different audiences. News, instruction films for narrow casting, RODIN makes all of these, but also produces pure entertainment.

RODIN’s productions have a recognisable style, warm, open and at times confrontational. With a natural flow and a strong people focus, the emotional context to rational issues is addressed with considerable impact. But good films are not made in isolation. We claim our expertise but work in close collaboration with our client to ensure the success of the enterprise.

RODIN filmproductions
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