The IJ Brewery

Brouwerij 't IJ (the IJ Brewery) is a small brewery in Amsterdam, next to a windmill. Brouwerij 't IJ brews a standard selection of beers as well as seasonal and special occasion beers. All of their beer is certified organic. The brewery offers guided tours and tastings, and has a pub with a large outdoor terrace.

  • The IJ Brewery

    The IJ Brewery

  • 네이르깐네


  • Poffertjes


  • 리츠펠트 슈뢰더 하우스

    리츠펠트 슈뢰더 하우스

  • 잔세스칸스


  • Apostelhoeve


  • 크루이셰렌 호텔

    크루이셰렌 호텔

  • 기구 비행

    기구 비행

  • 랜드 요팅

    랜드 요팅

  • De Vecht

    De Vecht

  • 헤트 루

    헤트 루

  • Windmills


  • 조이데르 해 박물관

    조이데르 해 박물관

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